From Loaves to Leaves: My Gluten-Free Journey

By Rozina Ali

Nov 2023


Growing up, I was the kid who would always reach for an extra slice of bread at dinner. The soft, warm, comforting texture of freshly baked bread was my ultimate comfort food. From sandwiches to pastries, if it was made of bread, I was all for it.

My Journey

The Love for Bread

My love for bread was not just about the taste. It was the memories associated with it - the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, the joy of spreading butter on a warm slice. Bread was not just food; it was an experience, a symbol of home and warmth.

The Turning Point

However, as I grew older, I started noticing certain changes. I felt bloated and uncomfortable after meals, especially ones that included my beloved bread. So, I decided to give up gluten.

The Transition to Gluten-Free

Transitioning to a gluten-free diet was not easy. I had to give up many of my favorite foods and learn to read labels meticulously. But the hardest part was undoubtedly giving up bread. I missed the texture, the taste, and the sheer versatility of it.

But as time passed, I discovered a whole new world of gluten-free alternatives. From cassava and tiger nut flour to a variety of other options, I found new ingredients to experiment with. I learned to make gluten-free cookies, brownies, and muffins that, while different, are still delicious.

The Gluten-Free Life

Today, I am healthier and happier in my gluten-free lifestyle. I’ve learned to appreciate a wider variety of foods and flavors. I’ve discovered that food restrictions can lead to culinary creativity. And most importantly, I’ve realized that change, while hard, can lead to growth.

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